The Whole Thing
February 7, 2022, 11:00 AM

It’s a subtle nuance, but absolutely essential for life. We hear it quite frequently in religious and churchy cultures when referring to a sermon or Scripture: “What’s the application? How do I apply ‘that’ to my life?”

Epic fail.

Here’s the fatal pickle and predicament with such an approach: We disclose the sin of our hearts - still regarding ourselves as the epicenter of all things - not Christ 👑.

It’s one thing to take that approach with motivational talks and advice from Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen, Oprah, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Joseph Smith, Buddha, Dr Phil, Confucius, Simon Cowell, Simon Sinek, counselors, coaches, therapists... for their words are generally, if not exclusively, those of depraved humanity.

Their words: Superficial. Transient. Imperfect. Opinions. Nothing more than the “wisdom” of the world on the wide path leading to destruction.

It is another thing entirely to take this approach: “Lord, teach me to apply my life to Your Word!”

Did you catch it?

See, The Word isn’t merely words in a dusty old irrelevant religious book. 

John 1:1 teaches and reveals Christ Jesus is the eternal Word! Thus, He is God revealed as the Eternal Son. Christ is God’s divine, authoritative, inerrant, impeccable, perfect revelation! All of Scripture points to Him as Creator, Redeemer, Savior, and King. He is the Lamb slain and Lion of Judah to whom all tribute and authority belongs!

Therefore, the only proper approach in spirit and in truth is for us to plead with God Almighty, as Moses and David did, “Teach me Lord! 

We pray this to reveal our burning desire for our lives to be applied, sacrificed, offered up exclusively to Thy Word! That we might abandon unto Yahweh (Five times in Psalm 107)!!!

Our desire isn’t “personal growth,” or a warm-fuzzy from Scripture like a super caffeinated spiritual pick-me-up. Instead, our unquenchable desire is that we give our God-spilt, blood-purchased, redeemed lives back to God 100% in joyful thanksgiving for what He’s done simply as an expression of who He is… worthy! Just like the burnt offering in Leviticus, nothing held back. The whole thing offered up to God.

Consider making “How can I apply my life to Your Word?” your prayer today... and tomorrow... and every day after.

Then, see how the Lord opens the floodgates of real blessing (not the hollow “prosperity gospel” of worldly health and wealth variety) upon your burnt-offering Gospel-ministry life offered up to Him as a member of His Bride & Body for His eternal glory!