Finance Team Leader

Tanya Bramblett


Tanya visited PBC on Easter Sunday of 2018 in response to an invitation from a friend. That visit turned into frequent visits. The frequent visits turned into regular attendance. Her regular attendance turned into full-blown membership not long after. Tanya enjoys serving the Body of Christ and feels God has called and equipped her to encourage, serve, and support the pastor and His family. In addition to leading the Finance Team, Tanya also serves the pastor as a member of his Advisory Board. On top of everything Tanya does to edify and serve PBC, she also supports multiple parachurch organizations, seminaries, ministries, and is the president of a national franchise, Bumper Man®, which was started by her late husband, Jeff "Bump" Bramblett. If you listen to PBC sermons online and hear a resounding "AMEN!" in the background, that's most likely Tanya! She brings a joyful energy to our church family that is absolutely contagious!

  May 2022  
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