Pastor: Kevin M. Kelley

Manhood. Rugged manhood. It's evaporating quickly in our culture, but being kept alive here at PBC. Roughnecks are the men on oil rigs who put their heads down, work through the pain, and get the job done - whatever the cost. That's the picture of our men's ministry at PBC. Legit dudes, rugged men, whose identity is in Jesus Christ - the ultimate man - and Immanuel, God with us!

Lots of paintings and art depict Jesus as a pasty white guy in a flowy gown. He was a Jew with dark skin and dark hair by all accounts. He was a tradesman. He worked with wood and stone with His bare hands. Then, after His baptism in the Jordan, He began a rugged ministry...  to redeem humanity. He was vigorously opposed by Pharisees, religious zealots, who plotted to kill Him at every turn. He walked head-on into the meatgrinder of the world, by choice, to glorify the Father. He shattered cultural "norms" and goofy man-made traditions. Then, one evening while praying to the Father, He allowed Himself to be arrested. He was then wrongly accused. He allowed Himself to be beaten within an inch of His life. Then He was given a cross to carry - uphill - mocked, scorned, and ridiculed every step of the way by those He came to rescue and redeem from sin. He allowed Himself to be nailed through the wrists and feet and hoisted up to bake in the sun all day long - naked and shamed. He never uttered a word of hatred or malice, but instead prayed, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing!"

Our men don't get together to talk about hair care products or the latest fashion trends. We gather to dig deeply into God's Word as a lamp unto our feet and a light on our path. We encourage one another. We believe deeply in INTENSE FELLOWSHIP, i.e. encouraging, building one another up, and calling guys out when they're acting like fools in leading as dads, husbands, employers or employees, and especially as members of the church. We don't play church here at PBC. We get past all the superficial social pleasantries and get to the gritty good stuff That's how Jesus did it. That's what He desires for His Church, so that's how we do it here at PBC.

Come be a ROUGHNECK with us for Jesus' mission and eternal glory.